Rock Hill Redmen Soccer

  • Head Coach: Luke Simpson, lsimpson@rockhill.org

    2017 Varsity Soccer Schedule

    Date Opponent Location
    08/22/2017 Chesapeake HS Away
    08/29/2017 South Point Away
    08/31/2017 Gallia Academy HS Away
    09/05/2017 Chesapeake HS Home
    09/07/2017 Portsmouth West HS Away
    09/12/2017 Saint Joseph HS Home
    09/14/2017 Lucasville Valley Away
    09/19/2017 Fairland HS Home
    09/26/2017 South Point HS Home
    09/28/2017 Ohio Valley Christian Academy Away
    10/03/2017 Fairland HS Away
    10/05/2017 St. Joseph HS Away
    10/09/2017 Lucasville Valley HS Home
    10/10/2017 Gallia Academy HS Home
    10/12/2017 Ohio Valley Christian Academy Home

    2017 Varsity Soccer Roster

    Number Name Positon Grade
    00 Fake Name Test 10